Volume, Partially Full Pipe Meters (Acoustic Contact)

The Q-Eye PSC and the Q-Eye PSC Portable flow meters are designed for flow monitoring of slightly to heavily polluted media in full or partially full pipes or open channels. The Q-Eye PSC systems use advanced “Doppler profiling technology” to directly measure velocity profiles, making them the best choice for sites with non-uniform, rapidly changing, backwatered, near zero, negative or reverse flow conditions. This technology eliminates the need for on-site calibration, thereby significantly reducing the cost of installation.

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COVID-19 : Playing Our Part

26th of July 2021

As an ISO 45001 accredited company, health & safety continue to be at the core of everything we do. Now as the lock down restrictions are eased we continue to develop and enhance our safety measures according to government guidelines

Our service is enabled by teams of highly skilled staff, engaged daily in key activities of Support, Development & Workshop-Field service. We are extremely proud of our Team who have done an exceptional job throughout this challenging period.  

 For the safety of everybody

  1. All members of staff that can will continue to work from home
  2. Necessary site visits are reviewed carefully and we encourage the use of remote meeting facilities such as Microsoft Teams or Skype.

Please continue with direct email communication to your regular contact and you will receive a return phone call where it is necessary. If you do not receive a response, please forward you email query to info@aec.ie 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Stay safe.