Smart MID Water Meter (Static)

No moving parts removes potential risk of meter failure in case of sudden high flows or blockage due to small debris in the network.  Time proven ‘drift free’ measurement of flows from 1.6 to 100m3/hr in water applications, all meters are equipped with an extensive internal data logger in addition to a wM-BUS OMS output as standard for ‘Walk-by’ & even fixed network applications.  To support integration to existing systems Pulse output can also be offered for delivery of data to higher systems.


A Siemens MAG8000 is a magnetic-inductive metering solution for flows > for inline district- and sectional metering applications at remote locations.  Data from the ModBUS output of the meter maybe wM-BUS OMS enabled with our data concentrator unit. This solution gives you the opportunity to split your distribution network into sections and analyse the night consumption, leakage, etc.