Excess air burner BIC..L


For all applications requiring precise temperature control and consistent product quality. The BIC..L burner is perfectly designed for use in the tunnel kilns and intermittent systems as used in the ceramics industry. A single burner type enables you to follow all the temperature profile requirements of the kiln. Thanks to the high excess air capability of up to approx. 1500% high flue gas temperatures of up to approx. 100°C can be reached in near-stoichiometric burner operation with maximum excess air. With reliable ignition over the entire burner output range this accommodates the furnace operator’s wish for a simple structured gas/air control.

Burner size: 80, 100 and 140,
capacity: 75, 150 and 300 kW,
gas type: natural gas or LPG,
length of burner tube: depending on ceramic tube,
connection: thread or flange.