Burner Control Unit BCU 400


Automatic burner control unit, ignition transformer, Manual/Automatic mode and display of operating and fault statuses in a metal housing, for controlling and monitoring gas burners, for continuous operation with ionisation control, for intermittent operation with UV control (with UV sensors of type UVS) or as a variant for continuous operation with UV control (with UV sensor UVD 1), single-electrode operation possible, setting of various operating modes via optical interface using separate software, complies with EC Machinery directive.
BCU 440 for ionisation-controlled, directly ignited burners up to 350 kW.
BCU 460 for directly ignited burners of unlimited capacity, with air valve control (optional).
BCU 465 with extended air control.
BCU 480 for pilot and main burners of unlimited capacity, with air valve control.
Safety time for start-up: 3, 5 or 10 s,
safety time for operation: 1 or 2 s,
mains voltage: 230 V AC or 115 V AC, for earthed or unearthed mains.
BCU..B1: Burner control units for PROFIBUS-DP.